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Don't Bug Me!, introduced in 2008, is now a BEST SELLER! Glenn likes to share this about our ALL NATURAL BUG SPRAY:

A while back, Stasia threw out all the traditional commercial cleaners, detergents, etc., we had in our cupboards and under our kitchen sink, and replaced them with 'green' alternatives. As you may have experienced, many of these 'natural' products just didn't perform as well as what they replaced. Well, our Don't Bug Me! insect repellent is different. IT REALLY WORKS.

Glenn is a walking mosquito magnet--one of the guys that is flapping and flailing at the afternoon poolside party or smacking and smarting on the local hike. No more! A few spritzes of our DON'T BUG ME! spread over exposed skin provides four to six hours of protection against mosquitoes, 'no see-ums' (those biting gnats near the beach), and even biting flies. We even added palmarosa, an essential oil known to repel ticks.

Made with several bug repelling essential oils, all combined in skin nourishing jojoba oil, when applied DON'T BUG ME! natural bug spray leaves no greasiness or long lasting odor. Best of all: no DEET!

Tested in the woods of Vermont and New Hampshire, the boundary waters of Minnesota, and the beaches of Connecticut, you'll be pleased with the effectiveness of our natural bug spray. UPDATE: We've had customers from Maine (black flies) and Honduras (mosquitoes) who confirm the effectiveness of DON'T BUG ME!

Pick up a bottle and be ready for the bugs. We stand behind our products 100%. One bottle will last a season and any left over will be just as effective next year, thanks to the naturally long shelf life of key ingredients in every bottle. But you'll want a SECOND BOTTLE 'cause your family and friends won't want to return yours.

Our customers have found DON'T BUG ME! is effective against deer flies and horseflies: They're reporting it works for on HORSES, GOATS, and PETS. We use it around the muzzle and ears of our lab retrievers to repel deer flies that pester them in June.

Available in 32 oz. size by phone special order (due to a recent considerable and, we hope, temporary--increase in the cost of a key ingredient the availability of this size is subject to market conditions.

Excellent mosquito repellent without DEET!
$12.95 - 4 oz