Who is Three Sisters Farms
Who is 'Three Sisters Farms'?

We are a family business dedicated to making the finest natural products from our honey business. Named for our three daughters, Three Sisters Farms is proud to be the first and so far only registered apiary in Essex, an historic small town located along the lower Connecticut River in southeastern Connecticut. People who taste our award-winning local honey agree that it is the best-tasting honey they’ve ever tried.

Our NATURALS line includes handcrafted soaps, lip balms, hand and body creams, and 100% beeswax candles, all containing our honey and beeswax. Every product with our label on it has Our Promise:

“We use only natural ingredients. No artificial scents, preservatives, colors, nor petroleum based products. Ever.”


Our bees visit a wide variety of wildflowers such as dandelion, purple loosestrife, asters, clover, and goldenrod, along with flowering trees including maples, willows, sumac, and locust, to create a wonderfully unique, light honey. What many people don’t know is that honey and other natural products from the hive have been used for centuries for their significant health and cleansing properties. Thus, we created Three Sisters Farms NATURALS to bring these benefits to you.


All of our soaps are made from saponified vegetable oils, honey, beeswax, and other natural ingredients for those seeking beneficial skin care. Many of our soaps have no added fragrance. When we do scent them we use only pure essential oils. Made in small batches by cold process, the soap is poured into wooden molds, cut by hand, and allowed to cure for three to six weeks.

Olive oil is a nourishing moisturizer that allows skin to breathe without clogging pores. Sweet almond oil is an excellent emollient that enriches the skin with vitamins. Two other oils we use are coconut oil, which generates a high quality lather, and palm oil for increasing the hardness of the soap bar. Oatmeal is a natural skin protectant and one of the few natural ingredients that helps soothe and relieve minor skin irritations. Lavender has antiseptic and soothing properties, and is a natural insect repellent.


Our lip balms and skin creams are unique to the marketplace: Like our soaps, our lip balms contain only food grade oils and butters such as jojoba and castor oils, and mango butter. Formulated to be creamy but moisturizing, our lip balms come in a variety of essential oil flavors such as orange, lemon lime, grapefruit, and peppermint lime.

The Gardener’s Hand Cream is simply extradordinary, with its primary ingredient being shea butter, derived from the karite tree which grows wild in West and Central Africa. Shea butter is an emollient that is extremely therapeutic, helping to heal cracked, aged and damaged skin. Not only does Gardener’s Hand Cream work on hands, it does wonders for dry feet and elbows, too. It is rich in jojoba and avocado oils, vitamin E, and uses beeswax as an emulsifier to help the skin retain moisture. If there were ever a miracle dry skin treatment, Gardener’s Hand Cream is it.


Only 100% beeswax to make hand-dipped tapers, pillars, votives, and figurative candles are made with clean-burning, smokeless beeswax. All wax is mechanically filtered only. Our candles come in both creamy white and honey gold colors. No dyes or colorants are used. Longer burning than petroleum candles -- try one!