"I think the Nativity was so beautiful and well done. I will get another next yr for a gift. They are just amazing."

-- Joanie B, Jermyn, PA

We make candles in a variety of shapes and sizes. Beeswax makes a superior candle: It is long burning, smokeless, and dripless.

Nothing is added to our beeswax candles--no fragrances, colorants, dyes. Yuck! We use pure, natural beeswax that has a characteristic honey scent when burned.

Our candles are about half the price of the big-box stores, such as Williams-Sonoma.

Please note that it is almost impossible to purchase organic beeswax--nearly all surplus wax must be obtained from large conventional beekeeping operations. Beeswax in the apiary is a precious commodity and we don't know of any organic beekeeping business that does not recycle/reuse their wax for their own operations. Be wary of "organic beeswax candles" sold online--we encourage you to check and ask questions before assuming the wax is truly organic sourced. We reserve our valuable organic beeswax for our natural lip balms!


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  • Tapers -- Hand-dipped pairs of dinner candles measuring 6", 10" or 12" length
  • Pillars -- Also known as hurricane candles. Ranging in size from 2"x2" to 3" x 6", these are our longest burning candles (up to 60 hours)
  • Molded -- Angels, pine cone, flocked tree, St. Nicholas, Easter egg, Fluted Oval, and Holiday Ornaments.
  • Votives -- Traditional candle with longlasting 8-hour burn-time.
  • Nativity Set -- A complete 11-piece set of beeswax figurines highlighting the Christmas Story. Individual figures available by special order.
$5.95/pr - $7.95/pr
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$44.95 - 55.00
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