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Tea Tree Skin Therapy, introduced in 2006, is a favorite with customers suffering from eczema and psoriasis. Made with natural TEA TREE OIL and shea butter, this cream is wonderfully therapeutic and nourishing to dry or damaged skin. Independent microbiological testing has confirmed the effectiveness of Tea Tree oil in fighting infection.

Like our Gardener’s Hand Cream, Tea Tree Skin Therapy works on hands, dry feet and elbows, too. Rich in jojoba and avocado oils, cocoa and aloe butters, vitamin E, our HONEY, and beeswax, with the added bonus of Tea Tree Oil. A BEST SELLER!

$7.95 - 2 oz
$12.95 - 4 oz
Our Gardener's Hand Cream is simply extradordinary, with its primary ingredient shea butter, an emollient that is extremely therapeutic, helping to heal cracked, aged and damaged skin. Scented with lavender essential oil.

Not only does Gardener’s Hand Cream work on hands, it does wonders for dry feet and elbows, too. Rich in jojoba and avocado oils, vitamin E, our HONEY, and beeswax, if there were ever a miracle dry skin treatment, Gardener’s Hand Cream is it.

$7.95 - 2 oz
$12.95 - 4 oz
All of our Soaps are made from saponified vegetable oils, our honey, beeswax, and other natural ingredients for those seeking beneficial skin care. Many of our soaps have no added fragrance. When we do scent them we use only pure essential oils. Our goats milk soaps incorporate shea butter and castor oil.

Made in small batches by cold process, the soap is poured into wooden molds, cut by hand, and allowed to cure for three to six weeks. Approx. 4 oz bars.

$4.35 each
Our Lip Balms contain only food grade oils and butters such as jojoba and castor oils, our HONEY, beeswax, and mango butter. Comparing with Burt's? There first ingredient is beeswax, which is great except that the result is a stiff, hard to spread lip balm. Ours is formulated to be rich and creamier--try it and you'll agree:

"Absolutely the BEST lip balm I've ever had--and I'm a lip balm guy"

-- Charlie M., Monroe, CT, December 2009

Formulated to be creamy but moisturizing, our lip balms come in Unscented, Orange, Lemon Lime, Grapefruit, Peppermint Lime, and Wintergreen (shown). Available in standard .15 oz tubes.

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